Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse

This is a little bottle of magic and joy this festive season!
When you get home and all you wanna do is get into bed quickly this is your best friend.
It is a plant based oil cleanser that when massaged onto dry skin lifts every single piece of make-up,dirt, and waterproof mascara effortlessly from your skin.
 Its a cocktail full of rich oils such as Olive oil,Apricot Kernel oil. Vitamins A,C and E help nurture the skin and replace nutrients in the skin.
Once you've massaged over the skin you can then quickly rinse the skin and hey presto!!Your ready for bed!!

You may think that this product would make oily skin really oily but my skin is combination and I found it didn't make my skin any oilier or cause me to break out!
 If your skin is dry then this will be your dream product.
 Let me know what you think..unless you had one to many wines and forgot you even used it!

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