Saturday, 25 December 2010

MAC Cham pale collection

After all the glitz and glam of Christmas it's good to get back to basics with a fresh,glowy healthy looking make-up look.
MAC are bringing out this new collection from 27th of this month and there's some fab little products in there.
The products I've seen which I love are a new Fix+ spray.For those of you that know the original Fix+ then you'll really enjoy this product.
The new limited Fix+ contains Lavender to calm and soothe the skin while relaxing the senses too.
Spray it on skin after moisturiser to complete your skincare routine or spritz over foundation to freshen up the skin.It's great to spray onto your foundation brush to help blend in any foundation that may have settled on dry skin or just to aid the slip of foundation on application.
The bottle comes in 100ml so it's the perfect size to take onto the aeroplane to freshen dehydrated skin.

Chromagraphic pencils are also a little gem in this collection.They are basically concealor pencils that can be used in the water line of the eye to brighten the skin and irradiate that post Christmas red,tired eye look!!
I also like to use these pencils around the cupids bow and lip line to create the perfect lip shape.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Inside scoop!

Little inside info that MAC will be launching an amazing Wonderwoman collection.Very exciting.Will update you all when I've seen the collection!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Update on my absence

Ive been a terrible blogger and haven't been around these parts since September!
 I have no excuse except for a love of travel and too much fun with friends!!
 Since last time I was blogging I have been to Thailand and Canada and have been doing lots of fun things with loved ones.
 However I'm back now and in this time Ive discovered some great new products that I cant wait to fill you all in on!

Christmas/Winter essentials

So this time of year when we are all out until the small hours of the morning with tinsel in our hair and falling asleep in the take-away at 4am(or is this just me) we need some essential products to ensure we are still looking amazing!
 Ive compiled a few products that I believe are crucial to maintaining our image!

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster

Were having a pretty harsh winter at the moment and this hydrating booster is great for those flaky patches, sore red noses and fine lines due to dehydration from air conditioning.My skin has recently become so dry in patches so I applied this light weigh serum to the areas and massaged in.It was absorbed very quickly and never felt stingy as some products had before when applying them to sore skin.
 I had found that my foundation had been collecting on the dry areas so I experimented with this product by mixing a couple of drops in with my foundation.It helped the product glide over the dry patches and stopped that dry, cakey effect that dry skin has on foundations.

Creme De La Mer Lip Balm

I know this is a real luxury item that maybe not in everybody's December budget but trust me that once you've tried this you will never use another lip balm again!
 It comes in this trendy slim packaging that can fit neatly into your clutch bag or in your pocket.The texture is creamy and rich and as you massage it into your lips you can actually see the dry skin rolling off your lips.Very satisfying!
 When I use it I can still feel the moisturising balmy feel on my lips even up to two hours after applying.
 Ive had my balm for two months no and even though I apply it everyday I still haven't made a massive dint in it yet.Very cost effective. and will have any one wanting to kiss your lips under the mistletoe this crimbo!!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This little gem is an all time favourite for many people I'm sure. I had used this product quite a few years ago and although I could feel the difference in the texture of my skin back then I never noticed the tightening effects it has. Now I'm a little older I can totally see how this tightens and brightens and generally smoothes out fine lines.
 Its a great little pick me up when you need your skin to look smooth and radiant.
 Apply a thin layer and then add make -up on top.
 Its also awesome to use as a thick moisturising face mask when your lying in your bed not feeling great after you works Christmas party!
 The packaging I have featured here is a limited edition package which features tiny little crystals around the lid.Very festive you'll agree!

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse

This is a little bottle of magic and joy this festive season!
When you get home and all you wanna do is get into bed quickly this is your best friend.
It is a plant based oil cleanser that when massaged onto dry skin lifts every single piece of make-up,dirt, and waterproof mascara effortlessly from your skin.
 Its a cocktail full of rich oils such as Olive oil,Apricot Kernel oil. Vitamins A,C and E help nurture the skin and replace nutrients in the skin.
Once you've massaged over the skin you can then quickly rinse the skin and hey presto!!Your ready for bed!!

You may think that this product would make oily skin really oily but my skin is combination and I found it didn't make my skin any oilier or cause me to break out!
 If your skin is dry then this will be your dream product.
 Let me know what you think..unless you had one to many wines and forgot you even used it!