Sunday, 19 December 2010

Creme De La Mer Lip Balm

I know this is a real luxury item that maybe not in everybody's December budget but trust me that once you've tried this you will never use another lip balm again!
 It comes in this trendy slim packaging that can fit neatly into your clutch bag or in your pocket.The texture is creamy and rich and as you massage it into your lips you can actually see the dry skin rolling off your lips.Very satisfying!
 When I use it I can still feel the moisturising balmy feel on my lips even up to two hours after applying.
 Ive had my balm for two months no and even though I apply it everyday I still haven't made a massive dint in it yet.Very cost effective. and will have any one wanting to kiss your lips under the mistletoe this crimbo!!


  1. It's £36 which I know is a lot for a lip balm but you really do pay for what you get and the fact that it lasts so long makes it more cost effective

  2. I contemplated getting this for the longest time.. But ended up getting Nuxe lip balm which im a do a review on real soon..