Saturday, 19 February 2011

Aeroplane essentials

People talk about childbirth saying what a horrendous experience it is but then go ahead and have more children.Their excuse is that they say you forget the pain!
 I liken flying to this.I absolutely detest it however I continually book long haul flights, forgetting the pain of the previous one!
 I must add I have no children but I am aware that child birth is much worse than flying!!

So to make these boring flight times more fun I take key products to help keep me feeling at my best.
 Here are some of my favourites.

 Elizabeth Arden
 8 Hour cream

This little gem can often be brought on the flight itself however pick it up at the airport before you travel in case.
This product has won numerous awards for its moisturising and healing properties.
 I love it as a moisturiser when my skin is in need of some serious hydration but the thing I love the most is its universal qualities.
 It can be used as a lip balm,cuticle softener,hard skin relief and is gentle enough to use on sunburn or sore skin due to its anti inflammatory benefits.
 As a make-up product it can double as a cheek highlighter or gloss for the eyelids.Great for guys who need to tame their unruly eyebrows too!
 At 1.7oz it is a suitable weight for aircraft allowances.

 Burts Bees
Carrot Seed oil complexion mist
Carrot Seed Oil Complexion Mist - Burt's Bees
This is a really nice facial spritz for sun frazzled skin so perfect for the depressing flight home.
The carrot seed oils soothes the skin and the rose,sandalwood and patchouli smell amazing when spritzed onto the skin.
This is just over the 100ml limit for flying so decant it into a little travel atomiser.Check out my blog on travel containers for more info.

Optrex Eye brightening drops
My eyes get so dry on long haul flights.I do wear contact lenses but I always take them out during the flight.This product just moistens dry eyes and also helps to waken and revive you when its time to descend.
This is not suitable to use while your lenses are in so always remember to take your contact lens case to remove them before you get squirting!

Bobby Brown Pot Rouge

Ive always fancied the idea of flying across the world to meet up with some hot guy who is going to pick you up from the airport and whisk you away for a romantic weekend......Anyways this never happens in my life, however if its something that's on your agenda then you need to be packing this in your hand luggage.
This doubles as a creme blush and lip balm too.
Its great for creating a rosy flush to the skin and giving you moisture and colour back to your dehydrated flight lips!
 My favourite colour is Calypso Coral but check out for other colour options to suit you.

MAC Chroma graphic Pencils

If you get a red water line in the eye these are great at brightening the skin and hiding that redness from tiredness or dryness.
Just line the inside of the eye with the pencil and then using a firm brush just blend any harsh lines into the lash line.
These come in two colours;
NC15/NW20 -The lighter option for fairer skins
NC30/NW25-Slightly more warmer tone with  deeper creamy yellow base.
They are also amazing for correcting a strong lip colour.If your hand is not to steady with your red lip liner(hopefully not due to turbulence!)then you can correct any messy lines with these pencils.

I hope this little kit keeps you looking as beautiful as ever on your trip.
Happy travelling.XXX

Travelling with Cosmetics

I am a real traveller at heart and love nothing more to go to foreign lands and explore however a large proportion of your luggage space is always taken up by bulky cosmetics.
 I prefer to travel light and what with summer round the corner I thought I would talk about the best space savers I have come across.
 Hope you find it useful!

 One of the best high street shops to visit for a multitude of travel containers is Muji.This a global chain and is also available online at
 Its so cheap and has pretty much everything you could need.
Some of my favourite tried and tested purchases include the following.

P.E 50g TubeThe 50g plastic squeezy tubes priced at £1.50 ($2.43usd)
These are ideal for any liquids or pastes but I love to decant my shampoo and conditioner into them.They are nice and soft and its easy to squeeze oUt the product.
 Because they are slim and long you can easily slip them into your wash bag or suitcase without them taking up to much space.
These are also good for suncream too.

30g Cream PotThese 30g pots priced at £1.75($2.84usd) are perfect for all moisturisers, serums, eye creams,concealers,foundation..yep practically anything that is cream,liquid base(not alcohol based). Due to the size you can take them onto aircraft no problem and they screw up really tight so no worries on leakage!

TPU PouchesTransparent travel pouch at £2.50-£3.95.These travel pouches are great as they are transparent so you can easily see what your looking for.They are slim, lightweight and are perfect to store your products in when carrying in your hand luggage as the pouch is clear so full fills all airline regulations of having liquids in a clear bag!
 No more scrapping around in your bag for your liquids to then put them in a plastic bag!

No believe it or not but I don't actually take loads of make-up away with me but we all have those favourite eye shadows that we want to take just in case!!

Mac do some great products that make it easier to transport.You can buy these in stores globally or online at

 These are the ideal way to transport your MAC eyeshadow.(No good for other brands)
The pallet allows you to carry 4 shadows but also comes in a pallet of 15 for those of you that want to take more!
 When purchasing your eye shadows you need to ensure you ask the artist for the shadows to fit the pro pallet, NOT the normal eye shadows.
 The pro pallet shadows have a magnetic bottom so they just snap into the holes!
 It is possible to get out the little metal pan from the normal eye shadows however this does take time and patience!

Hinge Top Containers, Yellow Pill PodsIf you have other powder eyeshadow or blushes you can get these cute little plastic hinge top containers form
 They come in different colours and you can easily scrape some of your shadow into these little pots.
This website is awesome for all kinds of other containers to suit your needs so check it out.

paper planes washbagYour going to need something to store these products in too once on your holiday.Check out these cutest little cosmetic bags.
 They have a few different styles of wash bags and cosmetic bags all with a travelling theme.
 Every traveller needs one!!
 You can find these on

If you guys have any other wonderful finds on getting your prized possessions from A-B then please comment and let me know.

Happy travelling.


Monday, 7 February 2011

Clinique Redness Solutions foundation review

I am always keen to try different foundations but have never used any Clinique foundations.
 I decided to go for the new line of Anti redness products they have just brought out.
 Now my skin has no extreme redness seen in conditions such as rosacea however my skin this winter has developed some redness around the edges of my nose and forehead due to the weather so I thought id give it a go.
 The colour I went for was 04 Calming Neutral.The coverage I would say is light to medium however it feels like it could be built up very easily.
 It is oil free and I think it is one of the best oil free foundations I have used.
 I apply in in the mornings and have not needed to touch my base up at all throughout the day where as normally I have to matte my T-zone down during the day.
 Even though my skin is combination I still like a slightly more satin finish rather than a completely matte finish and this foundation definitely achieves this without feeling greasy.
 It claims to use a new pro biotic technology which strengthens the skins barrier.This would obviously be great for a sensitive or inflamed skin type.
 I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has severe redness and how they feel about this product so let me know!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Erno Laszlo Cleansing system

I've just returned from a weekend in London and while I was there I was lucky enough to receive some samples of the Erno Laszlo cleansing oil and sea mud soap.
 To be honest I had never heard of this brand but have been reading up on it and I am excited to get sampling!
 Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian Dermatologist in the 1930's who boasted clients such as Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner among others!!
 He developed a range of skincare using the old soap and water method which was more tailored to suit different skin types and that didn't have the same harsh outcomes of using a regular soap on the skin.

So if its good enough for Hepburn then its good enough for me!
 I was given the Active pHelityl Oil and the Sea mud soap to try.

These particular products are good for dry to slightly oily skin type.

The idea is that you massage about a 10p size amount of the oil into your skin. This lifts off surface grime, make-up and oil on the skin.

Next you fill your sink up with warm water and dip your Sea mud soap into it and gently rub the wet bar over your face, lather up and massage over the skin.

Lastly with the water from the sink splash your face to remove all of the soap.

Splashing you face is apparently the crucial step as this exfoliates dead skin cells off, stimulates collagen production and flushes out toxins.
 Laszlo recommends splashing you skin 30 times.

So i've been using these two products together for just two days so am probably not seeing the full benefit just yet however I will persevere.

 I loved massaging the oil into my skin as my skin is feeling a little dry due to our gross weather at the moment.It felt a little old school to be using a soap but my skin did feel completely clean and taught after.

This is a nice skin care routine for someone who has more time in the morning but is a little time consuming. I'm also always weary of the hygiene of rubbing a soap over your face.

Once I've used up my samples I'll do another review on the results.
 Would love to hear from any of you who have used this brand or any feedback you have.


Venomous Villians give away winner

Thank you all so much for entering my give away.I loved reading your comments on your favourite products of the moment.Will definitely be checking them out for myself too!

The winner of my give away is.........Drum roll please!.....

Zoe Dean

Well done Zoe, I have emailed you confirming you as the winner.If you could just email me your address then I can get your beautiful prize off to you.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Estee Lauder Sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara review

Hey guys, thought I'd do a review on my newest mascara purchase.
 I'm eternally on the hunt for that perfect mascara and have tried many along the way.
 My lashes are naturally pretty boring! They are fair, average length and are not very thick! I certainly was not at the front of the queue when god was giving out awesome lashes!
  I usually go for a mascara with quite a thick bristly brush as I find these types of mascara usually give me volume, however I thought id give this slimmer brush style a go!

 So here is the picture of my boring natural lashes without any mascara.

And here is the after picture with Estee Lauder sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara.

I love the colour as its a real jet black, and do believe that it has helped to lift my lashes after two coats.
 The narrow brush style, with slightly spaced out teeth really helps to define the lashes however I felt that it didnt give me as much thickness as I would like and I think if your someone who likes to build up your mascara then there may be a danger of spider lashes!!

Id love to hear your feedback on what you think of the visual or your opinions on other mascaras.

Please excuse the state of my eyebrows in the getting them threaded next week so they are looking a little crazy!!!

Stacey xx

Monday, 24 January 2011

MAC Venomous Villains Giveaway!

Hello to all my lovely blog readers!

I started this beauty blog in October last year and have been enjoying writing it so much - I just wish I had time to update it more often! I am so grateful of the followers I have got and promise to keep blogging. I love giving my readers beauty advice and sharing my current favourite products with you all!

So, this giveaway is just a thank you to everyone who reads Stacey Mouse Beauty Blog.

The prize:

MAC baked eyeshadow in Ombretto from the Venomous Villains collection.

The rules of the giveaway:

- You must be a follower of my blog
- You must write a comment on this post telling me your favourite makeup item at the moment, please write your email address too so I can contact you if you win!
- This giveaway is open internationally.

Good luck guys! I will announce the winner here on my blog this time next week (Monday night).
Stacey xx