Saturday, 19 February 2011

Aeroplane essentials

People talk about childbirth saying what a horrendous experience it is but then go ahead and have more children.Their excuse is that they say you forget the pain!
 I liken flying to this.I absolutely detest it however I continually book long haul flights, forgetting the pain of the previous one!
 I must add I have no children but I am aware that child birth is much worse than flying!!

So to make these boring flight times more fun I take key products to help keep me feeling at my best.
 Here are some of my favourites.

 Elizabeth Arden
 8 Hour cream

This little gem can often be brought on the flight itself however pick it up at the airport before you travel in case.
This product has won numerous awards for its moisturising and healing properties.
 I love it as a moisturiser when my skin is in need of some serious hydration but the thing I love the most is its universal qualities.
 It can be used as a lip balm,cuticle softener,hard skin relief and is gentle enough to use on sunburn or sore skin due to its anti inflammatory benefits.
 As a make-up product it can double as a cheek highlighter or gloss for the eyelids.Great for guys who need to tame their unruly eyebrows too!
 At 1.7oz it is a suitable weight for aircraft allowances.

 Burts Bees
Carrot Seed oil complexion mist
Carrot Seed Oil Complexion Mist - Burt's Bees
This is a really nice facial spritz for sun frazzled skin so perfect for the depressing flight home.
The carrot seed oils soothes the skin and the rose,sandalwood and patchouli smell amazing when spritzed onto the skin.
This is just over the 100ml limit for flying so decant it into a little travel atomiser.Check out my blog on travel containers for more info.

Optrex Eye brightening drops
My eyes get so dry on long haul flights.I do wear contact lenses but I always take them out during the flight.This product just moistens dry eyes and also helps to waken and revive you when its time to descend.
This is not suitable to use while your lenses are in so always remember to take your contact lens case to remove them before you get squirting!

Bobby Brown Pot Rouge

Ive always fancied the idea of flying across the world to meet up with some hot guy who is going to pick you up from the airport and whisk you away for a romantic weekend......Anyways this never happens in my life, however if its something that's on your agenda then you need to be packing this in your hand luggage.
This doubles as a creme blush and lip balm too.
Its great for creating a rosy flush to the skin and giving you moisture and colour back to your dehydrated flight lips!
 My favourite colour is Calypso Coral but check out for other colour options to suit you.

MAC Chroma graphic Pencils

If you get a red water line in the eye these are great at brightening the skin and hiding that redness from tiredness or dryness.
Just line the inside of the eye with the pencil and then using a firm brush just blend any harsh lines into the lash line.
These come in two colours;
NC15/NW20 -The lighter option for fairer skins
NC30/NW25-Slightly more warmer tone with  deeper creamy yellow base.
They are also amazing for correcting a strong lip colour.If your hand is not to steady with your red lip liner(hopefully not due to turbulence!)then you can correct any messy lines with these pencils.

I hope this little kit keeps you looking as beautiful as ever on your trip.
Happy travelling.XXX


  1. i love those pencils, they are a great multi-tasker arnt they.

  2. Must look out for those pencils :) Thanks

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  5. The burt bees spritzer looks cool ! I hate getting my face frazzled as i get more freckles... :(

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