Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bobby Brown Vitamin enriched face base

When I first got this product I have to admit I didn't really get it.I'm someone who likes to slather on my moisturiser, let this sink,apply my primer and then make-up.
 It almost seemed weird to have one product that does both.Great if you don't have much time in the mornings.
 My skin is a completely combination.I get the oily T-zone, normal cheeks however if my moisturiser is not rich enough then my skin feels tight and dry after a few hours.
 Although this cream is beautifully rich, luxurious and contains some fab ingredients such as Shea butter,carrot extract and vitamins A,C and E I just felt by the afternoon my skin was starting to dry out in places.
 Today I tried just applying the cream to my T-zone and using my regular moisturiser on my cheeks.
 This worked much better for me and my make-up lasted longer in oilier areas where my make-up sometimes moves in the day.
 I would say if your skin is dry then just use this as a primer and skin brightener but if your skin is oily then it will sit lovely on your skin, give you a slight radiance and help keep your make-up flawless.
 I really like the packaging of this product.Its simple,unisex and it feels weighty and expensive.Its £34.50 but because its quite rich I think it would last around 3 months if you were to use it each day.
 The smell  reminds me of lemon cheesecake and leaves a nice gentle scent on the skin.
 Let me know what you think and how it feels on your skin after a few hours wear.


  1. I have fairly oily skin and I love this product, It really does make my make-up look so much better than when I don't use it! I love the fresh clean smell aswell! Great review :)



  2. <Thnaks for the review, babe! I have not tried many Bobbi Brown products so i think I may give this a go soon!


  3. Thanks for the review!

    I bought this a while back coz I needed a good moisturizer but then before I even had the chance to use it I broke out so badly so I started using all these products to heal my skin.. And now that my skin is MUCH better.. Ima try it out.. It does smell lovely.. I really hope this does wat it says it does coz I don't think I can handle any more crazy skin reactions..

    Anyway, thanks again =)


  4. I loved the smell of this and how it felt when i first applied it - but like you it just didn't cut it midway through the day as my skin started to feel dry. Currently using Boots Vitmin E lotion with SPF 15 - less than £3 from Boots. Was a bit skeptical at first with it being so cheap but its just as nice when it goes on and gives good moisturisation all day!